The Under-The Stage Solution

We Provide a Complete System

  • Post Wrap, Door, Hinges, and Kick Plate
  • Powder Coated Heavy-duty Hinges
  • Positive Catch and Release Hardware
  • All the Needed Installation Hardware

This is the original rough but very tough door system that has been developed specifically for the "Under-the Stage" application. It will stand up to the riggers of the application like no other. They have been continuously manufactured since 1996 by Ruff & Tuff Door Inc.

  • The application is first measured and the system is manufactured for each job
  • All doors have solid wood cores
  • All doors have oak styles and rails framed around the entire core
  • Sisal fronts and backs to match or compliment building interiors
  • All doors are wrapped with 16 gauge powder coated steel around all 4 sides
  • Post wraps are all powder-coated minimum 16 gauge steel. Where hinges attach steel is a minimum 10 gauge thickness. Mounting screws are all perpendicular to mounting
  • All hinges are powder-coated to match
  • Kick plates are 16 gauge powder-coated steel
  • Catch and release system is a positive catch and release. Outside handle is powder-coated steel. Inside handle is chrome.